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Aragon: Smart Contract Framework for Solidity

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🌎🚀 Trusted by over 600 organizations, securing more than $1MM in funds. Try it out.

  • 📚 Read the User Guide first, if you have any questions as a user.
  • 💻 You may be interested in Aragon Desktop, the most decentralized Aragon experience to date.
  • 🏗 If you’d like to develop an Aragon app, please visit the Aragon Developer Portal.
  • 📝 Please report any issues and feedback in the Aragon Chat #feedback channel.
  • 🔧 For technical stuff, use this project’s issues or join the technical conversation in our #dev channel.
  • 📖 To learn more about contributing to the Aragon client itself, please check the contributing guide
  • 🚢 For an overview of what changed with each release, check the releases and changelog.

Quick start

npm start will launch the app, configured to connect to our Rinkeby deployment.

For connecting to other chains / deployments, a few useful npm scripts are provided:

  • Mainnet: npm run start:mainnet will launch the app, configured to connect to our mainnet deployment
  • Local development: npm run start:local will launch the app, configured to connect to our aragen local development environment. It will also use the local IPFS daemon, if it detects one exists. If you’re using the aragonCLI, you’ll want to run this to connect to its local chain.

Note: Windows users may need to install the windows-build-tools before installing this project’s dependencies.

More configuration options are available, depending on your needs.


The Aragon client undergoes a number of different deployments, based on build environments, major release timelines, and quality assurance checks.


Regular updates, with incrementing minor or patch versions, are published onto the aragon.aragonpm.eth repo on all supported Ethereum environments.

These should be seen as “official” builds, whose distributions are secured by IPFS. Most users will likely see this version of the app, due to and pointing to these builds.

Nightly / Per-PR builds

Automatic and deployments will occur for each PR and merge to master through now. These are useful for quickly testing a new feature, change, or hotfix.

The official now app for Github is set up to publish nightlies against Rinkeby see default now configuration. Travis is set up to publish nightlies against mainnet (see mainnet now configuration).


👋 Get started contributing with a good first issue.

🎓 You may be interested in the Aragon client architecture guide if you’re not familiar with how the project is set up.

Don’t be shy to contribute even the smallest tweak. 🐲 There are still some dragons to be aware of, but we’ll be here to help you get started!

For other details about contributing to Aragon, more details are available in the contributing guide.


If you come across an issue with Aragon, do a search in the Issues tab of this repo and the Aragon Apps Issues to make sure it hasn’t been reported before. Follow these steps to help us prevent duplicate issues and unnecessary notifications going to the many people watching this repo:

  • If the issue you found has been reported and is still open, and the details match your issue, give a “thumbs up” to the relevant posts in the issue thread to signal that you have the same issue. No further action is required on your part.
  • If the issue you found has been reported and is still open, but the issue is missing some details, you can add a comment to the issue thread describing the additional details.
  • If the issue you found has been reported but has been closed, you can comment on the closed issue thread and ask to have the issue reopened because you are still experiencing the issue. Alternatively, you can open a new issue, reference the closed issue by number or link, and state that you are still experiencing the issue. Provide any additional details in your post so we can better understand the issue and how to fix it.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!