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Legal, Medical, Technology, Fitness and Business Mentor Partnerships

Mentors serve in every field and sometimes unlike professors or instructors these real world practitioners can offer insight into fields of study that can only be experienced. University Sites, which operates several university themed sites, has partnered with several professionals in fields that are complementary with the majors and ambitions of student members.  We are working to make these mentors available to interested students.  These professionals include:[wpts_spin] Legal Chris Coffman an independent defense attorney practicing in Kentucky for nearly a decade.  Chris specializes in a range of legal fields ranging from criminal defense, Divorce Law and Business Contracts including Real Estate law.  His law site includes a Question and Answer tool for short and quick legal discussion. Armand Judah a lawyer in Louisville, KY for forty years  who has experience in many fields including civil litigation, family law, divorce law, probate law and criminal defense. Medical Dr. Kim Murray a…