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SEO Vs PPC: Backlink Project Increases Traffic 1200%

Visit SEO Vs PPC: Backlink Project Increases Traffic 1200% for the whole story
After placing backlinks 15/15 new domains I had linked to the site we’re registered and added to the site’s formula. Traffic responded better than I expected… Increasing Organic SEO Traffic The site’s organic traffic had been previously in the single digits, now at 1,600 a month later I could claim a 1235% increase in organic traffic. The site had never received this much organic traffic. It had been largely fueled by an increase in keywords of over 600%. This is an example of how a domain’s authority and trust can be raised through backlinks to improve keyword adoption across the domain. SEO Vs. PPC Traffic The client had other similar site’s that I hadn’t focused on that saw updates to the onpage tags and discussion on the technical SEO challenges. These sites saw no real change in organic traffic...