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Out-Pirating the Pirates (2008) [audio]


Pirates are demanding $20 million ransom for a ship they’ve seized off the coast of Somalia. They say they’re prepared to fight to the death. Max Hardberger has direct experience of high seas piracy. His job is to take back ships that have been pirated, many of them worth millions of dollars, and return them to their rightful owners. Max has worked all over the Caribbean and Latin America – sometimes employing voodoo priests to help him, and at other times using blow torches by moonlight to cut anchor chains. As he tells Dick Gordon, Max enjoys out-pirating the pirates – even when it means occasionally stepping over the legal line himself.

Coop Dreams

When David Hutton began raising chickens in his backyard, he thought it would be easy. He liked the idea of self-sufficiency and it sounded like fun. David soon discovered what a pecking order really means – and in the process learned some nasty, brutish lessons. Six years later, David has a totally different view of nature. But as he tells Dick, he wouldn’t give up raising his chickens for the world.