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Podcast: Distributed, with Matt Mullenweg

Distributed podcast cover art

The cofounder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic embarks on a journey to understand the future of work. Having built his own 900-person company with no offices and employees scattered across 68 countries, Mullenweg examines the benefits and challenges of distributed work and recruiting talented people around the globe.

Produced by Mark Armstrong and the team at Charts & Leisure: Jason Oberholtzer, Whitney Donaldson, Cole Stryker, and Michael Simonelli. Theme music by Jason Oberholtzer. Cover art by Matt Avery.

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Episode 8: Automattic’s Cate Huston on how distributed companies can create the conditions that help engineers thrive.

Episode 7: Leadership coach Leo Widrich on how distributed workers can build emotional resilience and stay connected. 

Episode 6: Design leader John Maeda on creative collaboration in a distributed context.

Episode 5: Upwork’s Zoe Harte and Han Yuan on managing people and products in a distributed company. Read a transcript.

Episode 4: Mark Armstrong interviews Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg. Read a transcript.

Episode 3: VC Arianna Simpson on Distributed Work and the Blockchain. Read a transcript.

Episode 2: Pluto VR cofounder John Vechey on the Virtual Office. Read a transcript.

Episode 1: Upwork’s Stephane Kasriel on Fixing the American Dream. Read a transcript.